Meet Emily

Hey there! I’m Emily, a photographer based out of Richmond, VA. You can catch me traveling, hanging with my pup Tux, playing video games with my husband Ben, and tending to all of my beautiful plants.

I started out modeling for the camera in the 90s and at the age of eight, my studious self wanted to know how the camera worked.  I remember thinking how fascinating it was to see the prints, especially running shots! Fast forward to high school, I learned how to use the dark room in photography class and encountered an array of problems: dark stains on clothing, negatives with spots, and the list goes on!

Emily Alwood


I learned so much from my dad it’s really where I give my credit too. The name EmmiClaire actually originated in 1996 when my dad told me he signed me up for AOL and that was my new email address. 

I went to the University of Florida and became an elementary teacher. Believe me though, I was always the one with my digital camera to capture all the memories. When I moved to Dominica in 2014, a small island in the Caribbean, I started taking photos of friends with the most beautiful sunsets at golden hour. The serene waterfalls, rushing ocean, and green triangular mountains flooded inspired me to keep doing what I love: photography.

I like to get creative with my photography by having my models do a unique pose that’s just different than the norm. Why not carry your fiance on your back? My favorite thing about photography is capturing authentic emotion and empowering others to feel confident in their skin.



I love shooting in nature to see the true beauty of this world.

In 2019, I resigned from classroom teaching to continue my photography journey full time. I strive to provide quality images, enjoyable sessions, and affordable pricing. I want my clients to see my passion for photography and how I can create beautiful visuals for each and everyone of you.

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